Areas of practice

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Our accomplished lawyers, cost-effective processes and proven success record offer astute advice and peace of mind to our clients in the following practice areas:


Tax Advice and Audit

Daniel Appleby heads the firm’s tax advisory and tax audit group. Daniel’s team includes fellow Director, David Anderson, and they advise private groups, high wealth individuals and family offices, as well as the funds management industry and listed companies. They provide advice on a full range of domestic and international taxation issues including tax planning, structuring commercial and financial transactions, trusts taxes, liaison with regulators, and ongoing group advice. They also focus on strategically dealing with tax audits, reviews, Top500, Next 5000,HWI and other questionnaires, compliance reviews and inquiries, and manage disclosures, responses, mediations and negotiate resolutions, including settlements, with the ATO.


Tax Disputes and Litigation

The firm is regularly asked to advise and assist in a range of tax audits and tax litigation concerning both domestic and international transactions. The firm acts for major corporations, private groups, high wealth individuals, and family offices. Daniel Appleby, Malcolm Stewart and Peter Speed provide strategic advice in managing tax audits and inquiries, resolving ATO disputes, and conducting tax litigation. The firm’s Tax Advisory, Corporate and Financial Services, and Tax Audit and Litigation groups meet weekly to discuss current tax issues.


Trusts Law

The number of trusts have exploded in Australia over the last ten years, with the extraordinary popularity of testamentary trusts. More and more property is held on trust, rather than being immediately disposed. This has resulted in a greater emphasis on the duties of trustees and the rights of beneficiaries.
Robin Speed heads the trust advisory group. He has had considerable experience in advising some of the largest groups in Australia on taxation issues for over fifty years and litigating complex tax issues. He now concentrates on advising on trust law, the taxation of trusts and trust litigation.


Corporate and Financial Services

Grae McKenzie is recognised by many of his peers for his ability to reduce complex commercial issues to practical solutions. Bruce Stracey is the co-founder and director of Speed and Stracey and highly regarded for his expertise. Each has over 35 years experience in corporate and financial matters. The firm acts for a range of Australian and overseas-based commercial clients including stockbrokers, underwriters, fund managers, property developers and family offices. The group advises on, among other things, listings, securities transactions, corporate restructuring, corporate taxation, commercial agreements and M&A.

Commercial - Speed and Stracey

Complex Commercial and Securities Litigation

Hugh Scott, Malcolm Stewart, Peter Speed and Ben Giles head the firm’s Complex Commercial and Securities Litigation practice. The team has been involved in some of the most complex commercial cases in Australia, and high profile white collar crime and regulatory enforcement cases. Hugh and Peter have represented clients in the Federal Court of Australia, the Supreme Court of New South Wales, the New South Wales Court of Appeal and the High Court. The firm is also regularly asked to conduct cases in the superior courts of other states.


Succession Planning

Robin Speed, Grae McKenzie, Bruce Stracey and Daniel Appleby provide advice to high wealth individuals and family offices. Their expertise includes restructuring trusts and private companies, business and family succession and foundations, transferring assets, wills and managing tax, tax risks and stamp duty. The group has advised on and implemented a variety of succession plans to preserve family businesses located in Australia and overseas, and involving complex trusts, taxation, stamp duty, commercial and business succession issues.

Completion - Speed and Stracey

Competition Law

Peter Speed provides advice on a full range of trade practices issues including Part IV Restrictive Trade Practices and Part V Consumer Protection. He has been involved in a number of cases for corporate clients and regularly makes submissions to the ACCC.



Led by Robin Speed, Daniel Appleby and David Anderson, the philanthropic team at Speed and Stracey Lawyers helps clients create a legacy and ensures their giving is as effective and efficient as possible

Our experience is in;
Foundations – Establishment of Private Ancillary Fund to provide structure for effective giving
Charities – Assistance in realizing philanthropic dreams and outcomes
Estate Planning – Structuring wills, trusts, business interests and other assets to meet client’s needs